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 *Code of Conduct*

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PostSubject: *Code of Conduct*   Tue Dec 15, 2009 1:34 pm


Prospective members may request membership from anyone in the clan. Knights of the Round Table and Prince/Princesses or higher will be the ONLY ones allowed to actually recruit the member. Recruits will be designated in one of two tiers within the clan: tier one will be any member who joined but has not yet registered on the forum; tier two will be members who register on the forum. Tier one members will be allowed to be promoted up to the rank of Questing Knight/Fey Enchantress (see ranking for more details) and not have access to the banks. Tier two will be able to attain the highest level of promotion as long as the requirements are met and access to all clan banks. For a member to move from tier one to tier two they MUST make a post in the "I Want to Join" Topic Lead of the forum and include the following information:
Character name(s), Class, Level, the name of the Member that recruited them and that they accept the Code of Conduct.

Members who have recruitment capabilities MUST ensure that the new member receives a basic, informal brief on our Code of Conduct, what we are about, and the website to the forum (including where to post to become a full member).


First and Foremost: is the friendly treatment of all other members and clan.

Second: The clan environment will be comfortable for all members, regardless of race, creed, religion, or gender.

Third: Open door policies are in effect for all clan members to be able to address the Founder or Knights of the Round Table about anything. If secrecy is requested, then it will be granted and if the conversation is wanted off the record, then that will be granted as well, as long as it is not found to be detrimental to the cohesiveness of the clan.

Fourth: Reasonable language use between members and zero toleration for insulting or degrading comments. We are above that and, regardless of what is said to another person, inside the clan or not, we will be professional. Jibes and jokes will be tolerated and encouraged but if a member feels that he/she is uncomfortable, then he/she will be honored. Sometimes we get away with ourselves.

Fifth: Leaders will be followed and respected. If a leader instructs a member of lesser rank (particularly in the WZ) they will be followed. Leaders will "lead" and everyone else will follow. This does not mean that you, as members, have no rights to suggest change; THAT will be encouraged as well. We will uphold democracy to the extent that the clan will benefit as a whole. Arguments between members in the WZ will remain in clan or, in the case of a clan party, party chat. No general or ignis chat should have clan members bickering with each other. I know we all have our bad days, but if it IS one of those days, don't let the other clans see it. If multiple leaders are in the War Zone, then the senior leader will take control of the party. If no one steps forward or is willing to speak for the clan, then at least ensure that a party is created for our members.

Sixth: Knights of the Round Table are here to serve the clan. They will support the clan by any means. If a member needs something, an Honored Member will help, even if it means foregoing grinding for a minute. If a Round Table Knight is in the WZ, then they will, if they can at the moment, inform the member that he/she will help when there is a break in the battle. I don't mean to sound as if they, as Knights of the Round Table, are servants, but the fact that they are here for you is paramount.

Seventh: We, as a clan, will encourage and support all clan activities. We are a family and will act like one. If there is an event scheduled, then we will support it to the extent of our abilities; level determining WZ participation.

Eighth: Members in the clan before the rank of 30 will be discouraged in the war zone. Seeing what it is like and actively participating are two different things. It is hard enough to make a difference in war if you are 35-40, let alone 30. Make sure you are there sparingly. The intent of the game is to learn your class to the best extent possible by leveling and questing prior to entering the war zone and as the first quests for the war zone are at level 30, that is when we encourage members to play a more active part in realm wars. We should not be awarding the Alsius or Syrtis realms with realm points merely by showing up(even IF it is only one point lol). Let them earn them.

Ninth: You do not have to have all your characters in the clan, but if they are NOT ALL in this clan, they cannot access the Clan Banks. We understand the need to get away. Having multiple clans undermines the loyalty to one or the other.

Tenth: It is understood that you may want to explore the game and see new scenery, and as such, you will not be prohibited from playing in other realms. However, if you are found spying or using your “dual citizenship” to your advantage or the detriment of others, you will be immediately expelled without notice. Keep it quiet and do not make it a public announcement.

Eleventh: Items will be freely exchanged within the clan. We are a Family and if you do not need or want an item, then give freely. Selling an item to another member will be frowned upon. This does NOT mean that you cannot sell your items outside of clan but within clan, we give freely.

Twelth: Ranking: when a member is promoted, ALL alternate characters will be promoted to the same rank so that all members may know his or her achievement. Thus, if a member is promoted to the rank of Lord/Lady, all alternate characters will also be promoted to reflect his/her achievement.

Thirteenth: The Code of Conduct was created to be followed, not as a suggestion as to what MIGHT be done. Any family needs structure and order to be productive and respected. That is the reason the Code of Conduct was created. Failure to abide by the aforementioned rules will result in punishment by the Founder or Knights of the Round Table. However, they understand that members have their bad days and will gently remind a member if he or she has overstepped their bounds with a verbal warning. This does not mean that they are the only one that can help or the only professional in the game. We need to police each other and take responsibility for our own actions. We are mature players and should act that way. Below are the steps the Founder or Knights of the Round Table will take to deal with infractions:

1st infraction: verbal warning in clan chat.

2nd infraction: personal message from Founder or senior member, one on one, with the member to let them know they have overstepped their bounds and further disregard of the Code will result in punishment.

3rd infraction: demotion in rank relative to the infraction (Founder will decide).

4th infraction: member will be informed that his or her blatant disregard for the Code has resulted in expulsion from the clan.


Fourteenth: Clan banks are for clan only and a privilege, not a right. Any item of special (great or master only), magical, or epic quality qualifies for deposit, all others will be sold by the member. Gems are also accepted (+5 or higher damage gem or +2% AS or CS gem). When you draw from the bank, it is a LOAN, not a permanent exchange! You will return it upon no longer needing it. You MAY NOT sell or give the item to non clan members, though handing to other clan members is acceptable. You are requested to deposit ALL such aforementioned items to the banks, if you have no use for the item, for the betterment of the clan. If you do not deposit, you do not draw. You must contribute to the banks to reap the benefits of the bank. Any member who is caught violating the banking policy will have his privileges suspended for a time designated by the Founder or Knights of the Round Table for the first offense. Further violations of the banking rules will be cause for expulsion from the clan. The banks are a wonderful thing to have and abusing them hurts your clan and the integrity of our family. Furthermore, our Knights of the Round Table and Founder ARE here to serve the clan, but they have things to do too and also want to enjoy the game. As such, if you request to use the banks, you need to be patient for a time when they can be accessed, give your lvl and class, and what banks you will need. We have created a spreadsheet with bank items on them so that you may search for what you want BEFORE you ask a Knight of the Round Table to access them. Lastly for the banks, as time is a precious commodity, you are limited to one bank visit per day. Please do not hesitate to go to the banks if they are already open helping someone else, as long as you haven't been that day.

* If an expelled clan member wishes to rejoin the clan, he or she must prove their willingness to abide by the rules and, if the Founder is in agreement, may begin an apprenticeship with a Knight of the Round Table for a period of no less than 7 days, where they will shadow the Knight of the Round Table. At the completion of their probationary period, the Knight of the Round Table that sponsored them will submit their recommendation to the Founder on whether to let the member back in. Member will reenter the clan in the rank of “Knight Errant/Shield Maiden” regardless of previous rank held.

* If a member leaves the clan, for any reason, then he/she is honor bound to return the items that he/she took from the banks, other members, or the Goodies' bag. Honor dictates you leave as you entered. Failing to return the items you received is the same as stealing.

Magnanite: Consolidating is the only way to go with it. No single member has a chance to get 5000 magnanite. Please donate to the Founder and continue to consolidate. It is NOT mandatory, but only by contributing can you use the magnanite weapons.

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*Code of Conduct*
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